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Shrink Tubing Box DERAY-H

Heat Shrink Tube Box with DERAY-H

DERAY-H is a thin-walled flexible shrink tube made of cross-linked polyolefin.

The application areas are very versatile in this flame-retardant shrink tubing because it is designed for continuous temperatures of -55 ° C to 135 ° C. The shrink ratio is max. 2:1, the shrink temperature is 110 degrees C. This heat shrink tube is flame retardant according to UL 224 and CSA and is produced in various colors in Germany. Very practical is the dispenser box for storing and protecting the hose 

Cost-effective alternative to DERAY-H shrink tube

We import heat shrink tubes from excellent manufacturers in China and Taiwan.
Not only are these shrink tubes more favorable, but also a little superior in quality.
The shrink temperature is lower at 85 degrees Celsius, the shrink tubes are halogen-free and flame-retardant (transparent but not) and meet even more specifications than UL224 and CSA.
In color, there are differences to DERAY-H (black not).

This cheap heat shrink tube with box can be found here.