TÜV Rohs Conform

Cable types we regularly assemble

Direct links to the cables, which we regularly assemble and sell

RG 58 CLF 100 EF 316 Aircell 5 Airborne 5 Cellflex
RG 58 Low Loss CLF 200 EF 400 Aircell 7 H 155 PVC  
RG 59 CLF 240   Aircom Premium H 155 PE  
RG 62     Ecoflex 10 H 155 FRNC  
RG 71     Ecoflex 10 Plus H 2000 Flex  
RG 142     Ecoflex 15 H 2005  
RG 174     Ecoflex 15 Plus H 2007  
RG 178       H 2010  
RG 179       Highflexx-7  
RG 187          
RG 188          
RG 196          
RG 213          
RG 214          
RG 223          
RG 302          
RG 316          
RG 316 D          
RG 400          
RG 402          
RG 405          


Info for Cable Length 

We always specify the cable length without the length of the inner conductor of the connectors. The total length of the assembled cable is always slightly longer.

The entire cable length, including the two connectors, ie the length measured over everything, is extended by the amount from the connection points inside the connector to the outer edge.

If you require a high-precision, firmly defined length, then please write us to service@mauritz.de and attach as far as possible a dimensioned drawing of the finished cable incl. The desired connector. Length tolerance and indication of the frequency range in which the cable (s) are used are very helpful.

Please indicate in your inquiry also the desired number of cables to be assembled. You will receive a binding offer from us at short notice and free of charge.