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Cable assembly with H 155 coaxial cable

As double shielded, flexible coaxial cable with 5.4mm outer diameter and a max. The H 155 has become interesting for even more applications in high-frequency signal transmission.
The manufacturer Belden has apparently made changes to the H 155 and now in its new data sheet 3 GHz as the nominal frequency and as a cutoff frequency 6 GHz for this cable.
Some time ago, Belden also introduced the H 155 to the market as a H 155 LSNH or H 155 FRNC with a flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, and halogen-free outer jacket. Thus, there are now 3 types with different outer skin available.
The standard version with the gray, UV-resistant PVC sheath, the first expansion with PE sheath, which is also suitable for underground installation of the H 155 and some time ago the LSNH / FRNC version according to Euronorm for indoor installation in all public facilities.

Connectors for H 155

The manufacturers of connectors have continuously expanded their range for the low-loss H 155. For cables such as LMR 240 and CLF 240, also coaxial cable as a counterpart to the H 155 in terms of electrical and mechanical values, there were already some common connector standards. When the H 155 came along and became more and more established on the market with its good price-performance ratio, further connectors of various designs and standards for this coaxial cable were developed and built. Today, the range of available connectors for the H 155 is very extensive. Hardly any area or application that can not be equipped with a cable of this size.
The connector combinations listed on this page, which are possible with H 155, are only the most frequently used combinations.
If you browse through our category Connectors, you will find many more connectors for the H 155. And if you have any need for more combinations than listed here, then please contact us. We will gladly make you an offer for free. Of course, this also applies if you need other cable lengths than those listed by us.