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Cable Assemblies

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

More than 40 years we manufacture coaxial cables with rf connectors for the most diverse areas and applications in transmission technology for industry, craft, trade, institutions and consumers.

We have compiled a selection of ready to connect coaxial cable with the most common coaxial cables and coaxial connectors for you.

If the desired combination is, you can of course purchased. With the production, we start immediately after receipt of your order. So there are no prefabricated coaxial cables listed. So you always get new made coax cable assemblies as ordered by you. 

From our previously published coaxial cable, we basically assemble themselves, are RG 316, H 155 PVC, H 155 PE, H 155 LSNH, H 155 FRNC, CLF200, CLF240, Aircell 5, Aircell 7, H 2007, and Ecoflex 10 Ecoflex 10 Plus.
The selection in the catalog, we will gradually expand to cable types like RG 174 A/U, CLF100, Aircom Premium, Ecoflex 15 and Ecoflex 15 Plus with corresponding coax connectors in common standard lengths.

Of course, we also assemble many other coaxial cables according to your individual specifications. 

We are YOUR Cable Manufacturer when it comes to high-quality RF cables with coaxial connectors. While you are devoting yourself to your essential work, we will prepare your cables according to your specifications. 

If you have any questions or special cables requests, please write to service@mauritz.de, talk to us directly or use our contact form.

Cable assembly is our specialty 

Quality, reliability, precision and timely delivery are self-evident. 

We only process high quality coaxial cables and high quality connectors. 

Each prefabricated cable is tested individually after completion and before shipment. 

Cable types, which we process almost daily: 

Aircell 5

H 155

RG 58

Aircell 7

H 155 PE

RG 174

Aiercom Premium

H 155 FRNC

RG 178


H 155 LSNH

RG 179


H 2007

RG 187


H 2007 FRNC

RG 188

Ecoflex 10, Standard

H 2007 LSNH

RG 196

Ecoflex 10, Plus

H 2000 Flex

RG 213

Ecoflex 10, HEATEX


RG 214

Ecoflex 15, Standard


RG 223

Ecoflex 15, Plus



Ecoflex 15, HEATEX


RG 316

EF 316, Enviroflex 316


RG 316 D, RD 316

EF 400, Enviroflex 400


RG 400