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H-155 LSNH / FRNC - Cable Assemblies


H 155 LSNH / FRNC coaxial cable

The additional designations LSNH or FRNC stand for low smoke development without release of halogens in a possible fire, which can hit anyone. With flame-retardant halogen-free cables such as the H 155 LSNH - FRNC, you can bring significantly more security into buildings at little extra cost.
And also outside of buildings, the H 155 LSNH / FRNC outer jacket provides a high degree of UV resistance.
The electrical values of the coaxial cable H 155 LSNH / FRNC are identical to the other versions of this type (PE and PVC).

H 155 LSNH-FRNC  ​50...
11,55 EUR - 16,20 EUR
from 11,55 EUR pro St.
TEXT_INCL 19 % TEXT_VAT excl. shipping costs
H 155 LSNH-FRNC Konfektioniert mit BNC Stecker auf SMA Stecker...
12,85 EUR - 17,90 EUR
TEXT_INCL 19 % TEXT_VAT excl. shipping costs