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RG 58

RG 58 Cable Assemblies

Assembled coaxial cables with RG 58 C/U - MIL-C-17 

RG 58 C/U is an inexpensive and flexible coaxial cable with a diameter of 4.95 mm and a wave resistance of 50 ohms (impedance). It is simply shielded and suitable for a wide range of applications. From professional radio systems to measuring and testing equipment to amateur radio. The combination of flexibility, price and performance makes it an attractive option for those requiring reliable transmission in these application areas. 

The fact that ready-to-connect RG-58 cables are manufactured exclusively by specialists in our cable assembly in Germany underlines the importance of quality and expertise in the production of such cables. This ensures reliable and high-quality end products that meet the requirements and standards for various applications. 

Do you need RG 58 C/U cables in your desired length with your desired connectors? Then don't hesitate and simply ask us. 
Connector series for RG 58 C/U: BNC, TNC, N, SMA, SMB, UHF, FAKRA 

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Assembled cables with RG 58 C/U - MIL-C-17