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Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables 50 Ohm - Coaxial Cables 75 Ohm - Coaxial Cables 93 Ohm 

By the meter - length is cut according to your specifications and wound as a cable ring or on a drum 
Cable ring in commercial lengths 
Cable drum with coaxial cable in manufacturer's lengths 
Cable remnants in different lengths (descenders) from the cable blank at attractive special prices 
Cable socks as strain relief for vertically suspended cables

Coaxial Cables 

Coaxial cable , also short called coax cable, two pole cable / electrical cables with concentric structure, i.e. both conductors have the same center. The inner conductor, thus also known as inner conductor or soul, always has the same distance to the outer conductor, which serves as a shield against unwanted radiation and irradiation of the inner conductor. To reduce this unwanted interference as much as possible, good coax even more outer conductor or even made of solid metal.

Our range of products 

Here we offer you a wide range of common coaxial cables with 50, 75 and 93 ohm impedance of well known manufacturers like Belden, Bedea, Habia Cable, Huber + Suhner, M & P and SSB Electronic.

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Further Information 

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the physical details of coaxial cable, may like to read in our blog (only German).