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N Series

N Male, N Female, N Bulkhead, N Right-Angle

N-Connectors, N-Plug, N-Plug Crimp, N-Plug Clamp, N-Plug Solderfree

N Connectors, N Jacks, N Right Angle Connectors, and N Panel Mount Jacks

The N series of connectors, named after the Naval designation, is a widely used and reliable family of high-frequency connectors. They find applications in a variety of fields, especially in areas such as telecommunications, radio technology, aerospace, and measurement and testing equipment. In this category, we offer a wide selection of N connectors, N jacks, N right-angle connectors, and N panel mount jacks that meet the requirements for high-frequency connectivity.

N Connectors 

N connectors are male connectors used in high-frequency systems to establish a reliable connection. They are known for their robust construction and excellent electrical properties.

N Jacks 

N jacks are female counterparts to N connectors and are used in RF systems to ensure a secure connection.

N Right Angle Connectors 

N right-angle connectors are a variant of N connectors, particularly suitable for applications where space is limited. These angled connectors allow for convenient and space-saving installation in tight spaces without compromising RF performance.

N Panel Mount Jacks 

N panel mount jacks are specially designed jacks that can be integrated into enclosures or devices. They offer an integrated solution for RF connectivity, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection in fixed installations.