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H155 FRNC / H155 LSNH (Belden), 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

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Manufacturer: Belden

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Coax Cable Belden H155 LSNH / H155 FRNC, 50 Ohm 

H155 LSNH (H155 FRNC) is a highly flexible coaxial cable with only 5.4 mm outside diameter from Belden. H 155 LSNH can be used up to 10 GHz, so at least the manufacturer's information. In the new, current data sheet of the H 155 LSNH, damping values ​​and the max. allowed power up to 5.8 GHz. These values ​​also apply to the H 155 PVC and H 155 PE, which differ only in the nature of the outer skin in comparison to the H 155 LSNH. 

Here the peculiarity of the H155 LSNH in detail: 

In case of fire, H 155 LSNH is flame retardant, low in smoke and free of halogens according to IEC 60332-1. The outer sheath of the H 155 LSNH is UV-resistant, thus conforming to the European standard HD 50290_2_27. H 155 LSNH complies with UN Regulation No 118, including amendment 02, on the combustion performance and / or the fuel and lubricant repellency properties of certain types of motor vehicles. Also for use in the private sector should be thought about a wiring with H 155 LSNH. The excellent characteristics of the materials used in this coaxial cable provide additional protection in the event of a fire for emergency personnel and even for yourself.


H155 LSNH Applications:  

H 155 LSNH is suitable for public utilities of all kinds, ie municipalities and municipalities, administrative authorities, hospitals, nursing homes, spa houses, police stations, fire brigades, schools, universities, educational institutions. H 155 LSNH can also be used in public motor vehicles for passenger transport, ambulances, ambulances, ambulances, buses, trains, trams, emergency vehicles of the police, fire brigade and auxiliary services.


Differences of H155 coaxial cable types: 

These three H 155 coaxial cables from Belden differ only mechanically in the nature of the jacket and thus a little in price. The electrical properties of H 155 LSNH are identical to those of H 155 PVC and H 155 PE. The different prices of the three H 155 coaxial cables are justified by the production volumes and the special approval of the H 155 LSNH. 

Technical data H155 as PDF for download 

H155 PVC, H155 PE, H155 FRNC or H155 LSNH