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Coaxial Cable CLF 240 Low Loss

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CLF 240 

CLF 240 Low Loss, a very flexible, low-loss, double-shielded 50 Ohm coaxial cable. 
The outer diameter of the CLF240 Low Loss is only 6.1 mm and is ideally suited for applications from DC to 10 GHz. 
The inner conductor of this cable consists of a soft copper wire with a diameter of 1.42mm. 
The dielectric consists of foamed (oxygenated), self-extinguishing FEP. 
The inner shield is made of a special laminated, tear-resistant, overlapping aluminum foil. 
The coverage is 100%, the outer shield consists of a very dense copper braid with tinned individual wires. 
The outer jacket is made of RoHS-compliant PVC and is UV-stabilized. 
The foreshortening factor is 84%. 
The shielding level is greater than 92dB.

Typical attenuation values: 

450MHz: 0.173dB/m 
900MHz: 0.248dB/m 
1.5GHz: 0.324dB/m 
1.8GHz: 0.352dB/m 
2.0GHz: 0.377dB/m 
2.5GHz: 0.424dB/m 
6.0GHz: 0.676dB/m

We cut your desired length from 1 m at no extra charge. 

CLF240 has a UV stabilized PVC jacket. 
We also have CLF240 with PE jacket and with FRNC jacket. 
Just ask us about these higher quality CLF240 versions that cost only slightly more. 

CLF240 is available on 305 m plywood drums. 

Connector types for coaxial cable H155 also fit CLF 240, likewise the same crimp sizes as for H155 can be used.