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Heat Shrink Tube Box 20m Yellow 1.2mm / 0.6mm

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Box with 20 m yellow shrink tube Ø 1.2 mm 

Shrink tubing box, yellow shrink tubing Ø 1.2mm before shrinkage, shrink ratio 2:1 

Heat Shrink Tube made of radiation-crosslinked polyolefin, color yellow, shrinkage rate 2: 1, thin-walled and rapidly shrinking from + 85 ° C. The shrink tube is flexible, flame-retardant and halogen-free.
This shrink tube is UL 224, VW-1, CSA certified, RoHS-compliant and suitable for long-term use at temperatures from -55 ° C to + 135 ° C.

Just pull required length ofl the shrink sleeve out of the box, cut it off and process it. The rest remains well protected in the practical donor box until the next use.
Except in yellow this high-quality heat shrink tube made of polyolefin is available in a further seven colors.

From 0.8 mm diameter before shrinkage, the well graded pallet is up to 150 mm Ø. This corresponds to a flat dimension of 235 mm.

We also cut all available sizes as yours individual meter-goods from the manufacturer's roll.

In the practical unwind box, shrink tubes up to Ø 25.4 mm are available. Above this size as yours individual cut good and on manufacturer-roll. 

Available standard colors: 
Black, Transparent / Clear, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White  


Specifications Heat Shrink Tube

Color  Yellow 
Material  Cross-linked polyolefin 
Material properties  Thin-walled, flexible 
Featuring  Box with 20m 
Inner Ø before shrinking  1.2mm 
Inner Ø after total shrinking  0.6mm 
Wall thickness after complete shrinkage  0.35mm 
Shrink Ratio  2:1 
Continuous Operating Temperature  -55°C bis +125°C 
Shrink Temperature  +85°C 
Flammability  Flame-retardent, Halogen-free  
Approvals / Specifications  UL, CSA, VW-1 
Features  RoHS Complient, Halogen free