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H155 PE with N Male to SMA Male, 1,5m

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H155 PE 

H155 PE is a low-loss 50 ohm coaxial cable, i.e. a low loss cable with low transmission loss. 

The H155 PE cable is pre-assembled with 
N plug to SMA plug 
Cable length 1,5 m 
Each cable is individually checked electrically. 

The electrical data of the H155 PE are identical to H155 PVC and H155 FRNC or H155 LSNH. The only differences are in the material of the outer jacket. 
All H155 cable types are UV resistant. 
A PE jacket is also resistant to most oils, alkalis and acids. FRNC or LSNH still offers protection and security in the event of a fire. 

Complete technical specifications for download can be found in the individual data sheets of the H155 cables at the end of this article description. 

Examples of use 

Antenna cables, measuring cables, patch cables, test cables, 
Connection cables, extension cables, and much more 

2 cables are required for LTE MIMO. 

H155 can be used up to 6 GHz. 

Application examples H155 PE  

  • Amateur radio (HAM) 
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) 
  • Mobile radio (GSM, LTE, MIMO and UMTS) 
  • Navigation (GPS) 
  • Telephony (DECT) 
  • Wireless radio network technology (WLAN) 
  • General electronics, DC to 6 GHz 


Nominal insertion loss for 1,5 m H155 

5 MHz
0,04 dB
50 MHz
0,10 dB
100 MHz
0,14 dB
230 MHz
0,20 dB
400 MHz
0,27 dB
800 MHz
0,39 dB
862 MHz
0,41 dB
1000 MHz
0,44 dB
1350 MHz
0,52 dB
1750 MHz
0,60 dB
2150 MHz
0,69 dB
2400 MHz
0,74 dB
3000 MHz
0,84 dB
3600 MHz
0,94 dB
4200 MHz
1,04 dB
4800 MHz
1,13 dB
5400 MHz
1,21 dB
6000 MHz
1,30 dB


Please note 

Only the calculated cable loss according to the manufacturer's specifications is given. 
Connectors also have frequency-dependent insertion loss, which is very low at 0.02 dB to 0.15 dB. 
And if you take it very carefully, you should also take into account the inevitable signal loss that occurs when a connector is attached to the cable. 
This clamp, crimp or solder connection is both frequency and assembly dependent and is assumed to be 0.01 dB to 0.1 dB. 
In practice, the losses mentioned can be neglected because they are only measurable and otherwise have almost no effect on a reduced function. 

On request and against calculation, we can measure every ready-made coaxial cable up to 18 GHz for you at our measuring stations. 


Technical data H155 as PDF for download 

H155 PVC, H155 PE, H155 FRNC or H155 LSNH