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Coaxial cable assemblies with BNC Connectors and RG174 A/U

Here and also here you will find a selection with BNC Male connectors and RG 174 A/U to same and different connector types. On one side of the RG 174 A/U cable we mount a BNC Male connector. The connector type that you need on the other side of the coaxial cable should also be listed here. From there it goes on to the many standard lengths under which you select and place directly into the shopping cart.

Once your order is received by us, on the same or next business day with the cable cut, the gathering of items and assembly, in accordance with your order, started. The assembly follows the function test before it goes to final inspection and shipment.

If your desired connector-combination or the desired length is not listed here, please send us a mail to service@mauritz.de.de or use our contact form.

Of course, you can also call us on the Hotline, especially if you need any advice or further information.

The catalog pages with RG 174 A / U are currently in work and therefore incomplete. Please have patience with us. Thank you !